Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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728×90 pixels Header Banner Ad

Position your brand, business or product at the top of all pages of our award winning website. This banner is best suited for effective engagement with all audience types.

728×90 pixels Article top, Article Inline, Article Bottom Ads

Grab attention with our leaderboard banner, positioned at the top, inline and bottom of articles on designated or all categories.

300×600 pixels Half Page Ad

Prominently placed in the right hand column of every page, this banner offers advertisers more display space for graphics and messaging.

300×250 and 300×300 pixels Square Ad

Our Square Banner is also prominent in the right hand column of every page, offering advertisers just the right amount of display space for graphics and messaging.

Background ads

We offer advertisers an opportunity to advertise on the left and right hand side backgrounds of our website. This can be global or category specific.

Category & Bespoke Sponsorship

Create a bespoke sponsorship package for your organisation with your marketing objectives in mind. You can also promote your brand or business by sponsoring a category, complete with your branding.

To find out more information about our advertising services including bespoke and affordable packages, please send an email to: media@worldtodaypress.com.

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