Joseph Afrane of the World Today Press,came down to Windsor to support Prince Harry & Meghan Royal wedding in Windsor,England.

Joseph Afrane of World Today Press,a Royal Superfan at The Royal Wedding in Windsor,England.

Two weeks after the royal wedding World Today Press’ own Joseph Afrane is still being stopped in the streets after popping up on news channels all over the world as an uber Harry and Meghan fan.

Dressed from head to toe in  a specially tailored Union Jack outfit with shades to match, Joseph began attracting attention almost as soon as he stepped into Windsor to watch the wedding with thousands of other well wishers on May 19.

Joseph Afrane,The Royal Superfan.

Pitching his spot on the Long Walk leading to Windsor Castle the day before, he quickly found himself in a media scrum, appearing first of all in the US newspaper US Today, then London’s Metro and Evening Standard before being interviewed by Sky, the BBC, CNN, ABC to name but a few.

“I knew that I had really made an impact when my daughter rang me from Ghana to say that she had seen me on the news,” said Joseph.

“Then when I went to work, staff were cheering me as they had also seen me on TV.”

Joseph on UK Channel 4 news during The Royal Wedding in Windsor,England.

Joseph’s time in Windsor was carefully planned, from his colourful get-up to crowd location.  “Once I picked my place the night before I did not bother to sleep – there was too much excitement going on anyway,” he added.  “The atmosphere from the beginning was wonderful and I would not have missed it for the world. It was fantastic and I only felt tired when it was all over.”

Not one to shy away from the limelight, Joseph travelled back home to London by train still dressed in his royal outfit and inundated with more requests for selfies from passers-by.