Association of Sovereignty Ghana has appealed to Ghanaians to oppose the Patent Breeder Bill which they say is a threat to our sovereignty and food security . In a media briefing in Accra, a member of the group, Mr Raymond Akrofu said the bill is only an attempt to stifle the activities of the local farmers and to take over the agricultural industry.

Ghana recently signed onto the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation in Arusha Tanzania .Under the Bill any Ghanaian or Foreign breeder can take a seed from anywhere in the world , use traditional or genetic engineering to transform it into a raw distinct uniform and stable seed. The seed breeders in order to protect their patents, insert a terminator or genes in the seed that makes it impossible for any farmer to exchange the seed with another planting materials. A member of the group Raymond Akrofu , said the Bill when passed in to law will let Ghanaians especially the poor farmer lose right to the seeds.

Under the Patent Breeder Bill , a farmer who dares to plant a seed or export a seed which has been registered and patented by a breeder without his or her consent faces both criminal and civil prosecution .